5 Things To Trust Your Wedding Photographer With

May 3, 2017

Trust is the key ingredient to any relationship and this is true for the relationship you have with your wedding photographer. There’s a reason you chose them to capture the most important day of your life (hopefully it’s because you LOVE their work). While you may have a vision of how you want some of your images to turn out, for the most part, you are going to have to put a lot of trust in your photographer. Trusting your photographer a little more in these main areas will not only result in better images for you to remember your big day by but will also relieve you of some stress as well.

Choosing the Location of the Shot

You wedding photographer will have taken the time to familiarize themselves with your reception location or areas around your ceremony site to find the best places to photograph. But not only that, professional photographers look at locations in a different way. A good photographer will take into consideration how to get the best light and where the best scenery is.

Time of Day to Shoot

Lighting is key to creating beautiful images and whether the photographer is using the natural light of the sun or bringing their own light to produce the best lighting setting, that doesn’t mean any time of the day will give you the same results. Your photographer will know what time of day will be best to take those gorgeous outdoor shots that won’t leave harsh shadows on your face or when to sneak outside to take some night inspired shots.


Trust that your photographer will help set up poses that are the most flattering for you. They can see how the light is illuminating you and what is in the background. Also, don’t feel that you must stay in a fixed position once your photographer has directed you for a picture. Most photographers (including myself) want couples to be relaxed and enjoy the moment, and that means you can move, look at each other, smile, laugh, etc. THOSE moments actually provide some of the best images. Consider the pose as the foundation…and your relaxed “in-the-moment” movement makes it better.

Editing Your Photos

Trust your photographer’s creative eye during the editing process. They will know which images will look best in black and white or color (but often THIS photographer provides both). Part of the editing process is a part of their style and this is one of the reasons you hired them. Trust them to use their skills to make each image stunning.

Handling Printing Your Photos

Your photographer should provide professional prints and products and should have a long-term relationship with a reputable printing company. The worst thing you can do is have a stunning image, order a large print and find the colors are off, the image is blurred, or it simply looks dull (which happens OFTEN when clients print with consumer labs such as Walmart). Knowing where to get your prints made, what size they should be done in, and which ones will look best in your albums, wall art, or thank you cards is part of the package you get when you hired a professional photographer. Ask for their opinion, trust them, and listen to what they think will look best for what you want.