Well, it’s been a good run!

I started my photography business in 2006 when I lived in Florida. Back then it was a part-time venture while I worked full-time in the mental health field. When we moved to North Carolina, and I took a break from working in mental health, this business became my full-time career and only source of income. I worked VERY hard to improve my skill and make sure I offered clients the BEST products because quality has always been important to me. And this business has been an absolute blessing for 15 years.

But then COVID came. And in 2020 I went several months being unable to work due to lockdowns and short-term rentals being restricted in the area (since almost all of my clients are not local – this was huge). During those months, I realized I needed to pivot.

Now, this decision was coming eventually because, let’s face it, 15 years means I’m also 15 years older. I had already decided to limit how many weddings I would photograph and to only focus on elopements as well as portraits. And while eventually I would have stopped photography at some point, this just made it happen a bit sooner.

The decision to shift gears to make sure that I could have a career with dependable income as I get even older (because, arthritis!) was something I spent a lot of time considering. In May of 2020 I started the process. My National Certified Counselor certification through the National Board of Certified Counselors was reinstated. Then I obtained a limited license to practice counseling in two states. I plan to be fully licensed in one state in a little over a year and the second state will be shortly after that. I started seeing clients at the start of 2021 via teletherapy and it has continued to build. Then I became a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, received training in a few different interventions for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (and am about to be trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) in October).

As this has progressed, I’ve had less and less time for photography…but also, I REALLY enjoy having weekends with my family now. More importantly, I’m realizing this is where I want to be in this stage of my life. Our priorities, desires, and goals shift with each new phase in our lives and this phase of my life doesn’t include professional photography anymore.

So, Jean Moree Photography will be shutting down effective November 15th.

NOW IS THE TIME to place any orders you might want with your images – orders need to be placed by November 1st!

If you have any questions about your specific images or orders, please feel free to reach out.