Fine Art photography

Favorite Products

We offer a lot of wonderful products with which you can display your new images: prints, fine art framed prints, canvas blocks, framed canvas, mini-accordion albums, framed metal prints – for a more modern look, and our new slate stone photo displays.

Our framed canvas gallery wraps are set apart from regular canvas wraps by the handcrafted solid wood floating frames that turn the canvas into an art piece you’ll want to hang on your wall. You can see all the frame choices by clicking here.

A canvas is nice, but a framed canvas is finished and complete. The framed canvas is a popular choice with our wedding and portrait clients.

A new product, that is also VERY popular, is our photo slate. It is a photo printed on a piece of slate stone – and truly, it’s simply stunning. Due to irregularities in the surface and edges of the stone, each print on slate is unique, adding to this product’s charm. They are available in three sizes: 5.5″x5.5″ Square, 5.5″x7.5″ Rectangle, and 7.5″x11.5″ Large Rectangle.

The photo slate comes with a stand (pictured), turning it into a stunning display piece that will look great on any mantle or desk! Photo slates make great gifts, too!

Photographs are meant to be displayed!