This is Once in a Lifetime

your special day will be preserved beautifully and artistically

Life is a sequence of big events; meaningful experiences that define our lives and live on in family stories. Weddings are the same - a sequence of events - the kissing of the bride, cutting of the cake, father-daughter dancing, the bouquet toss. But, what about the moments in-between? What about the equally meaningful small things that happen without planning, just from a room full of the people you love?

These candid moments are what I love to capture. Moments that are often overlooked in the moment, but looking back they make up the emotional essence of a wedding, and of our lives. These moments are so incredibly special. Your final images will reflect not only the big moments during your wedding day, but also all the small moments of your story along the way. The little things...captured forever.

Available for intimate weddings in North Carolina, Michigan, and Tennessee.

Intimate Wedding & Elopement Pricing

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Jean Moree Photography is no longer open for business. If you are looking for a photographer in the High Country of North Carolina, I highly recommend Jaime Johnson Photography!