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January 23, 2019

It’s now 2019 and my last blog post is from a wedding in August of last year. So, if you’re on my blog…you can see that yes, I’m behind in blogging. But also, blogging isn’t very high in my list of priorities. Besides the fact that it is time-consuming, LIFE is much more important! Certainly a lack of blog posts can give the impression that there is also a lack of work…however, it’s actually the opposite. As I write this, I am actually more than 20 posts behind (weddings, elopements, and various kind of portrait sessions). The truth is, SERVING my clients (and delivering their images and albums in a timely manner as well as processing their orders) is incredibly more important than blogging about it.

Oh, and did I mention life? I have one. I have three kids (who are growing up faster than I’d like) and every moment is precious. Every single one. So, when I’m not working, I’m certainly not going to be blogging. I’m going to spend time with my kids. One of my three children has special needs. So, I’m also often running to one appointment or another. And when I’m out and about, I’m not working (and certainly not blogging). You see, I spent many years working too much and feel like I missed a lot of good years with my oldest. Not anymore.

So, while I’m about to do a kind of “catch-up” post (several of my recent jobs all in this ONE post), I also wanted to make sure I shared my plans for the future of this blog (hence the “looking forward” image). And those plans are: I have no clue.

I spent some time researching whether blogs are even worth it and if people really even take time to read them (I know I don’t, personally). And honestly, I’ve received mixed feedback. I can say, though, that I’m probably not going to be blogging every single portrait session, elopement, or wedding. Sometimes I might post, and sometimes I just won’t.

However, I do post on Facebook and Instagram (because it’s QUICK)! So, if you are super curious about what I’ve really been up to with photography and you don’t see any recent blog posts – go there! Heck, even if there are blog posts, you might see things on Facebook and Instagram that aren’t on my blog at all.

Of course, this could all change (as things do in life).

So, here’s a quick rundown of some (not all – because that would be too much) of the things that kept me busy in October.


Emily & Nick, October 6th

Bride and Groom just married at Banner Elk Winery


Emily and Nick had a lovely and intimate wedding at the Banner Elk Winery. Their ceremony and first dance were in the Enchanted Barn (such a beautiful spot, really).


Bride and Groom first dance in Enchanted Barn at Banner Elk Winery


And since the weather was perfect, we went up the mountain for a few portraits of the newly married couple.


Bride and Groom portraits with mountain view in Banner Elk


Rachael & Shawn, October 16th

Bridal portraits at Chateau DuMont Banner Elk


Rachael decided to have some bridal portraits done at Chateau DuMont. And her adorable daughter was included!


Bride and daughter at Chateau DuMont Banner Elk


And then, in October, they had a beautiful intimate wedding at the Banner Elk Winery. The weather wasn’t too cooperative to hold the ceremony outside, so it was on the porch of the Villa.


wedding invitation banner elk winery

wedding rings banner elk winery

Groom getting ready banner elk winery

wedding at banner elk winery villa


And then, we had a few moments where we could run up the mountain for some photos (and the weather allowed us!).


Bride and groom mountain views banner elk winery


And then there was the bride and groom selfie. I couldn’t let that happen without documenting it.


bride and groom selfie


Brittany & Stewart, October 19th

Brittany & Stewart eloped – no guests – and then wanted to have some portraits taken afterwards in Banner Elk.


couple portraits waterfall banner elk

couple portraits river banner elk

couple portraits river banner elk

couple portraits in banner elk


Jennifer & Dakota, October 20th

Jennifer and Dakota were married at the Commerce Club in Greenville, SC – and what a classy place to get married! The building overlooks the city and is a photographer’s dream! Oh, and Greenville is a pretty great city.

Jennifer’s bouquet was a wood flower bouquet from Sola Wood Flowers. I’m now absolutely in love with wood bouquets!


Wood bridal bouquet Commerce Club Greenville SC

Bride and groom Commerce Club Greenville SC

Bride and groom Commerce Club Greenville SC

Bride and groom Commerce Club Greenville SC

Bride and groom Commerce Club Greenville SC

Bride and groom Commerce Club Greenville SC

wedding cake

Bride and groom Commerce Club Greenville SC

Bride and groom Commerce Club Greenville SC


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